About us

Real Bruges whisky : made in Bruges, matured in Bruges and bottled in Bruges !..

Out of our passion for whisky, the Bruges Whiskey Company was born.

Thibaut’s only 25 years old, but has been fanatical about whisky for several years. He knows what he likes, but nowadays it has become increasingly difficult to find good whisky at a decent price.

We wanted to do something about it so decided to make whisky ourselves, a father and son operation. This was similar to when we saw that the prices for meals in Bruges were very high and decided to open our restaurant, Barista’s Secret, and focus on affordability as well as quality.

From the outset, it was important for us to honour this beautiful city in which we live and work and make it a part of our venture. This is evident in both the name and design we’ve chosen for our product.)